Minority banks matter.

Minority Banks provide loans, banking, credit and debit cards to minority communities and businesses.

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Underserved communities rely on minority banks to help save for the future, buy a house, or build a business. They are engines of economic development, disproportionately providing capital to minority communities and businesses.

Minority banks face unique obstacles to providing financial services to communities most in need, which perpetuates the racial wealth gap in America.

It’s hard to build wealth without access to financial services. Minority banks say yes when others say no.

MDIs serve communities that are 77% minority vs. 31% at non-MDIs

MDIs originate 30% of small business loans to LMI communities

MDIs originate 37% of mortgages to minority borrowers vs. 13% from non-MDIs

Minority Banks Rely on interchange revenue to provide no and low-cost banking products and services including free checking accounts and community programs.

Interchange is at Risk
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Quotes & Testimonials

Nicole Elam, President & CEO of NBA

"One of the biggest things that NBA has done is delivered an incredible amount of access and it's super critical to our mission to be able to have that level of access, especially when you're a smaller community bank and there's a lot of big, large players." Rey Garcia, Executive Vice President at Texas National bank

"What differentiates Minority Depository Institutions from other financial institutions is our impact. It’s in the best interest of our institutions to invest in impact research and to partner with the National Bankers Community Alliance and the National Bankers Association to collect the data that will shed light on our communities." Robert E. James, II (chairman at NBA)

Minority Banks Provide for Communities Across America Underserved by Other Banks

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